Are hotel spas still open?

At Lime Wood’s spa, there will be a daily ‘deep clean’ of the areas. Treatments, however, have been cancelled and the sauna and steam room closed. Gym classes have been moved outside to allow for the two-metre rule. As yet there has been no specific advice regarding the safety of spas at the present time.

What happens if my hotel closes or I need to cancel my stay?

The industry is encouraging guests to delay rather than cancel stays if necessary at this time. Nick Trend, our consumer editor, says: “If a hotel closes you should get your money back, but if it goes out of business you are only likely to get your money back if you have paid by credit card.

If you fail to turn up for a stay you have booked, for whatever reason, then you are still liable to pay the full cost unless the hotel can re-sell the room, or it has a cancellation policy which offers refunds. If you already have a travel insurance policy and you get ill [including from coronavirus] and can’t travel then the insurance should cover the cost of the holiday you have lost.” Note also that under most year-round travel insurance, you will be covered against coronavirus-related disruptions for anything already booked, but not for any new bookings.

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