The most magnificent temples of South India

Temples are an abode of peace. They uphold the principles of the ancient Indian culture. They are centers of Spirituality. The Southern part of India celebrates its grandeur in the form of the most spectacularly built temples. The temples of South India are marvelously built in the Dravidian style of Architecture or the Vijayanagara style of architecture. They are made of very intricate stone carvings, very tall gopurams, massive pillars, beautifully built shrines, etc. These temples tell the tales of the grandeur of the Emperors that ruled South India. A vacation visiting all these temples will surely be a great Idea. You can enjoy the inner peace that you feel when you visit temples as well as enjoy the beauty of the rich architecture.  Are you wondering which places to visit? Here is a list of the most beautiful temples in South India.

Meenakshi Temple

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, The consort of Lord Shiva. It is located in Madurai, a city in Tamilnadu. One can book their Mumbai to Chennai flights to get here. Mumbai to Chennai flights are the best means of conveyance to get here. From Chennai, you can travel to Madurai by Bus or by a Taxi. This structure is undoubtedly an architectural marvel. It was one of the nominees for seven wonders of the world.

Virupaksha temple

This temple is a pride of the Vijayanagara Empire. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was built in the 7th century. Its spectacular gopuram is the major attraction of this temple. This beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Virupaksha stands proudly on the banks of river Tungabhadra.

Aihole and Pattadakal

These temples are a pride of Karnataka.This temple was built by the Chalukyas in the 5th century. These temples were built in the capital city of Chalukyas. Aihole is well known as “Cradle of Hindu Rock Architecture”. Aihole is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Pattadakal houses many temples like Jain temple, Sangameshwara temple, Mallikarjuna temple and so on.


The Lord Venkateshwara temple in Tirupati is one of the most visited temples in the World. This temple is situated in a hill station names Tirumala. The beauty of the lush green mountains increases the grandeur of this temple. This temple is one of the richest temples in the world. It is believed that this temple was built in 300 AD.

Padmanabhaswamy temple

The Padmanabhaswamy temple is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This temple was built in the 16th century, and it is one of the richest temples in the World. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The shrine has a beautiful idol of Lord Vishnu in the” Anantha Shayanam” posture. This temple has intricately carved walls and a majestic gopuram.

Nataraja temple, Chidambaram

This is another architectural marvel in Tamilnadu. You can get here by traveling by Mumbai to Chennaiflights. In this temple, Lord Shiva is worshipped as the lord of dance forms. The architecture in this temple symbolizes art; It establishes connectivity with spirituality and art.  The carvings on the temple walls display 108 karanas of Natya Shastra.

So when you travel down south, do not forget to enjoy the solace in these beautiful temples.