In January, word came out of China that a new coronavirus known as COVID-19 was ravaging the city of Wuhan in the Hubei province. In just a matter of weeks, the virus spread around the globe, shutting down entire nations in its path. And that meant the halt of travelers to popular tourist destinations around the globe.
As of March 13, coronavirus cases topped 125,000, though medical professionals warned that number could be much, much higher. In response, the World Health Organization named it as a global pandemic, the U.S. State Department issued a global level 3 travel warning urging people to reconsider any international travel, and the entire nation of Italy shut its borders down. 
But that’s not all. Places like the Louvre in Paris shut down until further notice, Disneyland announced it would close until the end of March, and Broadway shuttered its doors, an unprecedented move only occurring a handful of times throughout history.
However, it’s important to remember, this is all for the common good. After all, the only way to get through this is together, each doing our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus to vulnerable populations.
And, because of this slower flow of tourism, we are getting a glimpse of what popular destinations look like without the crowds. Until the sites reopen, do a little virtual tourism by checking out museums with digital experiences and live streaming operas. Then, start planning your next vacation in your head for later this year to see them all in person for yourself.

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