We’re pretty lucky in Britain. While Americans are not entitled to any paid leave, making do with whatever their company is willing to dish out (typically around 10 days for those who have been employed for longer than a year), UK workers get a bare minimum of 28 days, including bank holidays, to gallivant around the globe – or discover wonders on their doorstep.

So how do you make the most of them? Below we’ve outlined the simple ways to turn 28 days into considerably more by judiciously combining weekends and bank holidays with your yearly allowance.


Book four days off for a 10-day holiday (Apr 4-13)

Bank holiday: April 10 and 13

Book these days off: April 6, 7, 8, 9

Where to go?

Coronavirus has put several countries, including Italy, off the agenda, and many will be reticent to head abroad in the coming months. So consider somewhere in Britain, like Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula. Andrew Eames, writing for Telegraph Travel, explains: “The Roseland is Cornwall at its best. Sumptuous rolling countryside, steep-creeked fishing villages, tangles of woodland grizzled with lichen, superlative stretches of coastpath, and estate manor houses with walled gardens. It has its own microclimate: down by the waterside in the wooded glade of St Just I find myself in a churchyard that doubles as a botanical garden, its tombs hidden behind stands of bamboo and with monkey puzzle trees among the gravestones. You could almost be on a Costa somewhere, but without having punched a hole in the ozone layer.

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