On Friday evening, ahead of the weekend meeting, Cruise Lines International Association (Clia) fought back against a rising tide of calls to boycott cruise holidays by releasing the following statement: “Any action to restrict cruising is unwarranted and at odds with the World Health Organization, which continues to advise against the application of travel or trade restrictions to countries experiencing Covid-19 outbreaks.”

The world’s largest cruise association explained that singling out the travel and tourism industry, and cruise lines specifically, would have significant detrimental impacts on national and local economies. 

It said: “The cruise industry is a vital artery for the US economy, supporting over 421,000 American jobs and contributing nearly $53 billion to the US economy in 2018. Cruise activity supports travel agencies, airlines, hotels and a broad supply chain of industries that stretches across the United States.

“With the proactive measures in place by the cruise industry based on prevailing guidance from global health authorities, restricting cruising is unreasonable and will have long-lasting detrimental effects on the US economy well beyond the travel and tourism industry.”

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