The company has offered its fleet of UK-based vehicles for similar use – and has already been contacted by interested parties. “In the UK, the need currently seems to be mostly for food distribution, but of course the situation is changing quickly,” Fraga told Telegraph Travel. “We are actively inviting NGOs and organisations to get in touch.”

Indie Campers has 24 Fiat Ducato Diesel campervans based at rental distribution centres in London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Speaking from the company’s headquarters in Portugal, Fraga called for the wider industry to “step up”. “We can all do our bit. We work in many of the areas that have been hit hardest by the pandemic, so if this isn’t the time to support them, then we don’t know when is.”

He continued: “We know of so many cases of coronavirus around us, our friends and family and communities are being affected. But instead of dwelling on the things we can’t change, we have decided to focus on those that we can.”

Last week hotel group Best Western said it is prepared to turn its empty hotels into makeshift hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic. Rob Paterson, Chief Executive Officer of Best Western Great Britain, said: “If the NHS wants additional bed space, and we can partner with other companies to provide the right medical equipment and supplies, and we can do it safely, then we would be willing to start having those conversations immediately.”

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