The days are a little longer, gardens are looking greener, birds are singing from the treetops… Yes, between the downpours and, in some parts of the country, snowfalls, the hallmarks of spring are starting to emerge. With concerns surrounding coronavirus disrupting international travel, now is the perfect time to think about an Easter staycation – particularly as it is hoped that warmer weather will play a part in halting the spread of the virus. There’s homegrown hotel heaven to be enjoyed across the UK, from the Cornish coast to rural Scotland.

Though individual hotels are remaining tight-lipped regarding contingency plans, the general sense across the industry seems to be one of keeping calm and carrying on, with a move towards promoting delay if the situation escalates, and guests encouraged to postpone rather than cancel stays. Rates have yet to drop in any significant way (beyond the usual seasonal discounts, at least), even in London, but worldwide trends suggest this may not be far off. In Japan, where there are under 1,500 reported cases of coronvirus, hotels are offering to drop rates by up to 25 per cent.

How this effects the UK largely depends on when the virus peaks. Some reports suggest this could occur in a couple of months; others that it is mere weeks away. No doubt hoteliers across the land will be hoping for the latter, and with it a sense that the worst has passed and life can begin to return to normal.

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