9. Malta

With other Mediterranean favourites battling the outbreak, coronavirus-free Malta could be the ideal balmy escape. Among its treasures is Valletta, Europe’s tiniest capital and a Unesco world heritage site. Malta history spans millennia, helping to attract Game of Thrones location scouts. Take a look at Telegraph Travel’s Malta guide for tips on where to visit, stay and eat.

10. Laos

“That Laos still remains the undiscovered land of south-east Asia works in its favour. It’s like Thailand was 20 years ago,” writes Telegraph Travel expert Claire Boobbyer. From mosaic-covered temples to French baguettes, via torchlight tiger safaris and elephant encounters, there’s much to inspire wanderlust in her suggested, fortnight-long itinerary.

11. Botswana

Whether you’re seeking a family adventure or an unforgettable honeymoon, a safari in Botswana is pure bucket-list fodder. Many will head for Okavango Delta is the ultimate trip. “What an extraordinary river this is,” writes Telegraph Travel wildlife expert Brian Jackman. “Born in the mountains of Angola, it flows deep into northern Botswana, 1,000 miles away.” Follow Jackman’s guide to this trip of a lifetime.

12. Uzbekistan

This complicated country, which about the size of Spain, delivers flashes of brilliance and immense beauty, according to Telegraph Travel writer Sara Wheeler. Three of the Silk Road’s great cities (Bukhara, Khiva, and Samarkand) are in modern Uzbekistan, as is the Tian Shan mountain range.

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